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Dr. Rudy's Books

What Should I Eat? Book 1 - Finding Your Ideal Diet
Like so many other nutrition books, this one is a journey through the theory and practice of healthy eating. This book, however, goes one step further. In addition to providing a clear and logical path for the educated mind to follow, this book also presents the often complex information in a way that guides the reader to the simplicity of eating according to instincts, so meals are easy to prepare and enjoyable to eat, while promoting long-term health and longevity.

What Should I Eat? Book 2 - Food as Medicine
As the name suggest, this book may be regarded as the sequel to What Should I Eat? Book 1, which focuses on healthy eating in general. In contrast, What should I Eat? Book 2 shows how food and diets can cause, prevent, and reverse specific illnesses. As with book 1, this book is not preachy or one sided. It takes a balanced approach to food and health and avoids the pitfalls of one-size-fits-all thinking regarding food and diets.

Nutrition for Massage Therapists
This book is the first of its kind:  a nutrition book that is specifically designed for the massage therapist. It focuses on Two main areas: 

*Self-care for the therapist. The most successful massage therapists 

  tend to be physically fit and well-nourished.

*Clinical application. This is about using your knowledge of nutrition to 

  optimize the results you get with your clients.

The Dance of Opposites 
This remarkable book starts with a simple premise: the life within us and around us is a dance of opposites. And then, Dr. Scarfalloto shows how such understanding can give new, and sometimes astounding, insights into various personal and social issues, such as forgiveness, sexuality, creativity, self-worth, addiction, depression, fear, religion, money, and war. This book uses some ancient and mystical concepts,

but does so in ways that are practical and meaningful, using only everyday examples that are easy to comprehend.

Cultivating Inner Harmony 

Cultivating Inner Harmony is essentially a home-study version of The Dance of Opposites. However, it is not necessary to read the latter before this one, because this book thoroughly describes the same principles, all of which are based on the foundational idea that life is a dance of opposites. This idea, which is the foundation of Taoism and Traditional Asian Medicine, is applied in this book to a number of commonly encountered issues, including emotional healing, addictions, forgiveness, sexuality, as well as conflict resolution on the personal and larger social and even political levels. This book includes simple daily lessons, though it is not necessary to actually do the lessons to derive benefit from them.

The Edge of Time

This humorous and poignant novel consists of three intertwining stories with three main characters who interact in linear time and beyond linear time.  This novel delves into history, human psychology, religion, and the after life, in ways that take you on a journey of self-exploration, as well as exploring the nature of what we call reality.

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