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The Edge of Time is a novel that uses multidimensional reality and non-ordinary states of consciousness as a backdrop for the exploration of some down-to-earth issues, such as addiction, the

healing of emotional wounds, and social justice. It offers an intriguing perspective on history and explores the deeper connections between the major religions.


The novel consists of three interwoven stories. The main character of the first story is a young man, named Jason, who suddenly starts to “awaken” to who he is beyond his physical form. In his struggle to fully remember, he receives assistance from the main characters of the other two stories. The second story is about a young woman, named Sarah, a high school teacher and recovering alcoholic. 


The third story is about Preacher Roy, a self-righteous, but basically

goodhearted, minister from a rural area.


The overall tone of the novel is upbeat and humorous, with a generous helping of lively dialogue. It does get serious, but without being morbid or preachy. The humor ranges from little

chuckles to big belly laughs.

The Edge of Time

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