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Dr. Rudy Scarfalloto brings over 36 years of experience to his work as a health professional and teacher, including 29 years as a chiropractor. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Life College in 1984.
Nutrition Counselor
Published Author

Dr. Rudy’s Books

What Should I Eat?

Like so many other nutrition books, this one is a journey through the theory and practice of healthy eating. This book, however, goes one step further, providing a clear and logical path, presenting often complex information that guides readers to eating according to instincts.

Nutrition for Massage Therapists

The first of its kind -- a nutrition book specifically designed for massage therapists focusing on self-care, clinical application, and anatomy and physiology relevant to nutrition and massage therapy.

Cultivating Inner Harmony – A 90-Day Program

Ancient wisdom and innovative daily lessons for creating inner peace and inviting outer success. Based on the principle that creation, including the workings of the body and mind, is a dance of opposites, and applied specifically to a number of commonly encountered issues.

The Dance of Opposites

This remarkable book starts with a simple premise: the life within us and around us is a dance of opposites. Dr Scarfalloto shows how such understanding can give new insights into various personal and social issues, such as forgiveness, sexuality, creativity, self-worth, addiction, depression, fear, religion, money and war.

The Edge of Time

The Edge of Time is a novel that uses multidimensional reality and non-ordinary states of consciousness as a backdrop for the exploration of some down-to-earth issues, such as addiction, the healing of emotional wounds and social justice. It offers an intriguing perspective on history, and explores the deeper connections between the major religions.
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Dr. Rudy's writing is extraordinarily clear.

David Klein PhD, editor of Vibrance Magazine

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